Why Are Daughter's Daughter Shy Closes When touched? This is the reason
Daughter shy, we are all certainly not familiar with this one plant is not it?

Maybe when we were kids we often play with this one plant, its uniqueness makes us all interested, where when touched this one plant always closed. But not because of the touch alone, but blown by the wind, wobble and hot air immediately may be this one plant will make the leaves close.
The shy daughter or the mimosa pudica is a short shrub that belongs to a member of the leguminous tribe, where it always closes its leaves when touched. Although other legumes can do the same thing, but this embarrassed daughter plant will react more quickly than other types. withered or when its leaves bud is a temporary condition, because after a few minutes it will return to normal. Well, the reason why the leaves of this embarrassed daughter plant is always closed or wilted when touched that is because certain parts of the plant cells this one lost pressure. the  pressure in question is the pressure that occurs on the walls of cells by water located in the vacuole or cell hole and other cell contents.

So when these embarrassed daughter plants get stimulated from the outside, certain parts of the stem will be stimulated to release certain chemicals including potassium ions that make water out of the cell or vacuole holes, and water diffuses out of the cell, thereby causing the loss Pressure inside the cell, then the cell will become deflated.
The leaves of the embarrassed daughter plant that closes when touched also occur because of the difference in pressure between certain parts of the cell. The leaves adjacent to the leaf that close will also get the same stimulus, so that the leaves will also be similarly close. In addition to the touches and other stimuli as mentioned above, the embarrassed daughter plant will also close at sunset and break at sunrise.

According to the researchers, the ability of plants as well as these embarrassed daughter plants in shrinking or deflating certain parts is a defense possessed by the plant itself. Because it is possible that plant-eating animals will be afraid and shocked at plants that are able to respond to external stimuli very quickly, so that will drive out the animals that will eat the plant, then will choose other plants to eat.

The embarrassed daughter's shrouded leaves have a color difference with the leaves that are still in bloom. Where the color of the leaves that close because it gets the stimulus from the outside will look more pale than the other leaf color, this situation will also make the embryonic plant-eating animals are reluctant to eat it.