do you think to success

These months are crucial months to determine the future. For those of you who graduated from junior high school, choosing to go to high school or vocational school can be a pretty confusing decision making. On the one hand  offers immediate potential work after graduation later. Mean while on the other side of high school looks more interesting and cool, especially if followed by lecture.
As for the high school graduates, choosing a college place can be quite confusing. Words of the heart want to enter Communication majors, but parents sent to Physics Education. Or also the first choice when the college selection to choose the Department of Civil Engineering, but received the second choice in the Department of Forestry.
These things will obviously (or may be) you experienced. At a time when reality does not match expectations and desires, maybe only determination that can overcome them.
Between the two options, following the conscience or parental advice?
Life is indeed an option. Sometimes you have to choose one and sacrifice the other to keep your life going. So also when choosing the majors. You may be anxious to enter the School of Education, but for various reasons your parents do not approve it and tell you to go to the Economics department.
As a good kid, you must be obedient to the parents. But remember your heart, you must know very well whether you can go through college in a department that you do not want?
While your heart still says "able" then it's good you follow the old man's word. Besides making them happy, you can also extend your knowledge even in areas that you are not interested in. But if you do not master it, try to keep explaining to your parents that you can not. Tell me well that you are more comfortable and will grow more in your chosen majors.
Every human being must have a wise thought in his presence. So also with your parents. The more often you reveal your future plans, the thinking of your parents will be more open with the ideas you give. In the end they will bless and support your steps in reaching your goals.
The department with success is related, but not always decisive
Does the success belong only to people who are in school or college in accordance with their passion? Of course not. Success belongs to those who always work hard to achieve what they aspire to.Majors will indeed support in achieving success. But remember, that is not the main factor. It is hard work, self-discipline and self-consciousness that will determine. For example like this, you hobby of writing and want to study in communication majors. But your parents want to go to official school with the aim that you immediately become a Civil Servant after graduation later. Inevitably you have to follow the parent's orders because your life is still dependent on them.

Then whether all your talents will be in vain? Then your passion about writing will be lost? The answer is certainly not. Back again with a note you want to work hard. You can become a civil servant, by side writing as a hobby may even be able to earn from your pleasure.
Instead you get two advantages at once. Can spoil parents as well as fun yourself. Beautiful is not it? And it goes back to "hard work".
While there is no inner enthusiasm to keep on growing, your life will stay in place even when you get a course that is what you want. Remember, the key to success is never to feel satisfied quickly, keep learning and do not forget the blessing of parents