The Story of Adventure Invisible Dialas Teak Cirebon
In this mysterious adventure in this sacred forest, I received a literature in the science of kerezekian with wood media setigi. How is the secret? This magical story is long enough to pass. Exactly last mid-year 1998 ago. Even so, there is a very interesting side of this magical journey, which may be of benefit to you.
At that time, I was invited by a friend named Abdullah Fanani. We went to a legendary forest for the people of Cirebon and its surroundings, known as Alas Jati. It is said legendary because according to his story, during the heyday of Sultan Cirebon led by a Waliyullah Kamil, Sultan Sarif Hidayatullah or Sunan Gunung Jati, this forest is always used jatinya wood famous and long towering to be a pillar buffer mosque.
In fact, the Great Sang Cipta Rasa Cirebon mosque which is very famous for its kekeramatannya, almost all the wood taken from Alas Jati. Another story mentions, Alas Jati is also often used as a place to hail Wali Songo and santrinya to get closer to the Creator of Nature. There are also various activities of spiritual discipline is taught by the sunan.
Although the era has grown rapidly, but the Alas Jati area is still believed to contain sanctity and certain occult phenomena. For example, in the daily life of Kerep and surrounding villages, Alas Jati is considered a very wingit forest. It is rare for any citizen to dare to enter the depths of this forest alone. According to the story of the people living around the slopes of Alas Jati, teak forests are still often reveal a variety of occult phenomena, such as the testimony of a number of villagers Benda Kerep who claimed to have seen the teak forest area turned into a night market, with visitors abundant. There is also a testimony that people often hear the sound of gamelan lilting in such a way. Moreover, there are also residents who have got various heirlooms.
The various testimonies apparently attracted Abdullah Fanani's attention. And as a fond of adventure uncover the seriousness of the unseen world, of course, the invitation of the friend can not I reject. Moreover, Abdullah Fanani said that he wanted to hunt heirlooms in the splendor of Alas Jati the Wingit itu.Setelah arranged the agreement, finally depart both of us. Armed with beliefs and various equipment that is quite adequate, Alhamdulillah finally our journey up also on the border of Kerep Object Village.
When we got there, we had to go through the river for about 2 Km. This we must do because we know that there is no other way, except through the river. As the sun began to sink into the western horizon, we reached the lips of Alas Jati. Regardless of the kegelpan that began covering the maypace, we continued to go deeper into the forest. As I trudged along the paths of Alas Jati, I could not live up to the scenery that lay around. Subhan Allah ! I was amazed by all the great trees lined up in such a way, as if the giants who stood guarding the early majesty. Surprisingly the scenery of the forest atmosphere that lies around I believe have been seen in the dream three years ago. Yes that dream really became a reality. How could this happen? I have no idea ! To be sure, I met a grandfather who gave a wood formed a board, a jet black in the middle there is a row of rows of letters Hijaiyah (Arabic).
Gradually, my daydreaming was shattered by Abdullah Fanani's voice telling me that Maghrib's time had arrived. He also echoes the Adhan. After we both took ablution in a small stream not far from where we are. After that we did the congregational prayer. After the prayer, I began to prepare all the means for ritual greeting, which before we set out was already prepared at home. Exactly at 21.00 pm, Abdullah Fanani and I separated to find their respective places. Of course it means that we can be solemn in performing the rituals that will be held, in accordance with their respective intentions as well. Through a practice of opening the occult door, I begin to concentrate all my concentration to enter the realm of the virtual dimension.
I do not know how many hours I concentrate, even different practices and ajian have been used, but the practice of other dimensions has not yet open the curtains. Just before 2:30 pm, I began to uncover the other nature that is in Alas Jati.