The Heaven of the World You Must Visit Once in a Lifetime
In between busy work routine blocking and boredom hit, of course, holiday trips present as an answer that can meet the needs of the soul will be happiness. So many holiday destinations in this world that can be chosen to satisfy the desire to be happy even for a moment. Like the following 7 options for example.

Zhangye Danxia Plateau, Gansu, China

Many people may mistakenly think that these are just some colorful theme parks. But, actually this portrait is a picture of mountainous terrain in China. Multicolored colors, are the result of the natural creations of red sand and mineral deposits set more than 24 million years ago. This is one of the most beautiful paradise worlds that you deserve to visit someday.

Giant Blue Hole, Belize

Located off the coast of Belize, this hole in the seabed can be called a hole to heaven for the divers of the world. This is actually a limestone cave that formed about 150 rb years ago and was popularized by the French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It is 124 meters wide and 300 meters wide. It's special. Suitable for you who like diving!

Tulip Garden, Netherlands

This vast expanse of colorful tulips will surely amaze your eyes and mind. Of course, it will also leave some sweet memories for you. Most of these gardens are located in Flevoland Province, The Netherlands. The tulip season begins in late March and continues until mid-May, making these two months a great time to experience the heavenly charm.

Star Ocean at Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

The heavenly place in the Maldives looks exactly like its name, with a star-studded water charm that gives them a surreal and pampering appearance. This phenomenon occurs due to natural chemical reactions when phytoplankton are disturbed by oxygen. This reaction is also known as 'Bioluminescence'. Whatever the scientific explanation, this place is definitely worth a visit.

Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan

This beautiful park is located near Tokyo with many charming perfection. The flower of paradise, called Nemophilas or 'baby blue eyes' is a special attraction besides the weedy bushes that resemble cotton balls that adorn the entire park.

Haiku Oahu Ladder, Hawaii, USA

Stairway To Heaven 'is the man who nicknamed him. The staircase with this magnificent natural landscape was made during World War II but was officially declared no longer valid during the 80s. This ladder recently suffered severe damage due to a storm that made it completely inaccessible for a while.

Kelimutu Crater, Flores Island, Indonesia

Kelimutu Crater is one of the famous volcanoes in Central Flores Island. Different colors on some of its craters and the colorful haze have given this region a very real, supernatural fragrance. The color change is believed to be caused by the chemical reactions that occur between the minerals in the lake, and of course this is very beautiful and makes them a popular tourist attraction. Not only Kelimutu Crater, you can also visit several other holiday destinations on the island of Flores, one of which is Labuan Bajo. Here you can visit various islands with incredible views of the hills and underwater charms, such as Padar Island, Gili Lawa Darat, Kanawa, Manta Point, Pulai Rinca, and definitely Komodo Island where you can see the largest animals, Komodo dragons.