The 3 Highest Men In The World
Man is created with its own uniqueness. Some are black, white, brown, some are fat, and thin. But among the uniqueness of humans, in the following article will be discussed by humans with higher than humans in general. Surely most of us have ever imagined what the world's tallest human beings are. Here is a list of the top 3 human beings in the world.
1. Robert Wadlow
This is the highest human record holder in the world with a 2.72m high. Born on February 22, 1818, Wadlom is also known as Alton Giant and Giant of Illionis. Growth of her height is caused due to Hyperlasia, a disease that attacks the brain glands. Hyperlasia is what causes the growth hormone in Wadlow's body becomes uncontrollable.

Robert Wadlow died at a young age of 22 years due to a disease that attacks his immune system. This increasingly severe condition caused her last breath on July 15, 1940. Then she was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Illinois.
2. John Rogan

The man with the full name of John William Rogan was born on February 16, 1865. His name is recorded in the record books as one of the highest human in the world with a body height of 2.44m. The unusual height of Rogan makes him suffer from Ankylosis, a disease in which the joints are rigid and difficult to move.

By the end of his life, Rogan's body did not stop growing until finally it reached 2.67m. This height makes him the highest African in history. Died on 12 September 1905 due to complications from Ankylosis suffered. Then his corpse is buried in a special grave to prevent doing research using his body.
3. Leonid Stadnyk
As one of the tallest man in the world with a 2.54m tall born August 5, 1970 in Ukraine. This abnormal height is initially caused after he underwent a brain surgery when he was only 14 years old. Such brain surgery results in the emergence of tumors in the gland of the brain resulting in uncontrolled growth hormone. This resulted in him suffering from Acromegalic Gigantism.

Although known as one of the tallest men in the world, Stadnyk refused to be named in the Guinness record book. Only the record books of Ukraine alone record the highest man in the world. According to the record book Ukrania, Stadnyk has a height reached 2.57m.