Sandiaga uno has also experienced failure The faster we fail, the sooner we find the error, then improve ourselves - Sandiaga Uno Who does not know this one? Young, successful, and inspirational. He who is already active in the field of entrepreneur must have known sweet and bitter to be a young entrepreneur at that time. There is an understanding for him that until now he holds it, he argues that if our efforts fail, it is a good thing, because if we fail faster we will find our mistakes faster, wake up quickly and improve.

  • Feeling again falling down

We must awaken from degeneration Feel that you fell again? Great, because there is only one choice at this time, that is waking up from failure. We have no other choice to suffer more, because we are already at the lowest point, there is no humility. Therefore, there is only one choice, that is wake up!


How many times have failed?
You do not have to be the same as your failure now. How many times failed? Colonel Sanders that rejected 1007 times by the restaurant. Or about the story of Thomas who failed as much as 9000 times when creating a lamp. Have you tried that much? If not, do not stop here!

  •  Because our job is not to succeed, but to try. Man!
Ever tried something then failed? Nice! It means you have done your job, because our job is to try, not to succeed. Because the real failure is the one who loses before the fight - afraid to try for fear of failure.
  •  Bill Gates 
never failed, who do you want to keep succeed?
The common man only knows about Bill Gates's success, but before he succeeds, he has many failures, just like you are at the moment. He once made Auto PC in the 2000 s, but the program does not sell in the market. He also once made Windows Vista in 2007, but unfortunately this program is not very liked by its customers. He never failed. The richest people in the world alone have failed, who do you want to continue?
Ever cycled then fell? How many times? Is it still falling now? Do not you? That's our failure. Dahlan Iskandar also has the spirit to spend his own failed ration. Why? Because if the ration of failure has been exhausted, then the living great success will come. Before entering as Minister of State-Owned Enterprises during the era of President SBY, Dahlan often failed in his work, even never harming company as much as 110 month. But he remained calm, for him no problem, because he thinks he has also often give profits to the company as much as trillions of rupiah. 

Feel that you are the most sad? Very wrong! Due to the world, there are still many people who are also like you, or even more miserable than you. Then, why are we sad? It's not just us who are experiencing failure and problems, what needs to be done for now is to wipe the tears and wake up from the throng! 

He is one of the greatest inventors in the world that creates many important discoveries used by many people. Some inventions such as; Telegraph Machine, Gramophone, Projector Tool, Electrical Theory and various invention in the field of military equipment.
"I did not fail. I just found 10,000 ways that do not work ".
 "Lots of failures in life are those who do not realize how close they are to success when they give up".