Pliek U sauce is a typical cuisine of aceh, may be fresh in the ears of the community but not for aceh people, recipes sauce pliek u inheritance from the ancestors with a rich taste of spices Raw ingredients Recipe  Pliek U is pliek the residual coconut oil residue Coconut that has undergone the decay that has been dried. If you are having trouble getting Pliek and Sunti Acid in your area, you can order or buy at a grocery stall that traders from Aceh, usually they stock for themselves or sold for themselves.


  • Leaf melinjo                                            
  •    - Long beans
  •    - Young jackfruit
  •    - Green eggplant
  •    - Melinjo fruit
  •    - Coconut shavings
  •    - Pliek U ¾ cup
  •    - Salt to taste
  •    - Shrimp ¼ kg 
  • - 5 red chili
  •    - Coriander milled 2 tablespoons
  •    - 2½ tablespoons coconut milk
  •    - Red onion 5 cloves
  •    - Garlic 2 cloves
  •    - Ginger 1 cm
  •    - Cabe of cayenne 20 pieces
  •    - Turmeric that has been smoothed 1 tsp
  •    - Coriander cook 1 teaspoon
  •    - Pepper ½ tablespoon
  •     -Sunti Sunti 4 pieces
  • 9 pieces of green chilli
  •     Sere 2 rods
  •     Onion 3 cloves
  •     10 orange leaves (on kruet)
  1. Boil pliek u with low heat until the smell is fragrant. 
  2. Add 1 cup water after boiling filtered (defecate). 
  3. Blender pliek u that has been chopped and boiled until smooth. 
  4. Boil melinjo fruit and young jackfruit that has been cut small to tender then lifted then dispose of boiled water Boil the meat until tender shrimp then lifted then dispose of boiled water Milled seasoning until smooth and chopped spice seasoning 
  5. Squeeze the coconut shavings until it becomes a thin coconut milk Cut the tender boiled vegetables and add vegetables, ground spices, chopped spices, shrimp, salt, pliek u into the pan and stir until blended. Enter the water a little and then boil. 
  6. After it is smoky, insert a thin coconut milk and stir gently. 
  7. When almost cooked enter the orange leaves (on kruet)