Last Monday, the public made a scene with the image of a teenager's feet full of blood. The teenager's leg named Sam Kanizay is bleeding after she soaks her feet in the sea water.

Sam stood in the water at Bondy Beach in Melbourne after playing ball. Her feet are sore and she hopes that cold sea water can make her feet feel better.

Soon, Sam admits he feels a goose-bumping sensation, but he thinks it's caused by cold water.

"I did not think it would bite anything," he told Australian newspaper The Age, quoted by National Geographic, Wednesday (9/8/2017).

After the soaking, Sam's legs then bleed. His blood continued to flow so that both parents of this teenager then took him to the hospital.

The doctor wraps Sam's legs, checks for any parasites, and gives him antibiotics. Sam soaked in the sea on Saturday, and on Sunday morning, her legs still bleeding.

So what sea creatures that cause this 16-year-old teenage feet continue to bleed?

Initially, the wound in Sam's leg was thought to be caused by sea lice. This name is widely used to describe small crustacean parasites that feed on the skin and blood or larvae of the jellyfish.

They are most often found attached to fish. In large quantities, sea lice can cause massive damage to the skin of the fish as it causes open sores.

Sea lice are on the beaches in various parts of the world, from Australia to Florida. They often slip into the swimsuit and can cause an itchy itchy feeling.

And this is the creature that bites the youth.