How To Cultivate Mangosteen Skin Become Healthy Juice
Although it tastes bitter, mangosteen skin juice is believed to have tremendous health benefits. In fact, taking herbal medicine from mangosteen peel extract proved able to cure various types of diseases such as cancer, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Medicinal preparations from mangosteen peels have their own advantages in the field of beauty. The presence of a powerful xanthone compound prevents the accumulation of body fat so you avoid being overweight, while the abundant anti-oxidant substances in mangosteen skin extract are useful for overcoming the signs of aging such as wrinkles and black spots on the face.

To cultivate mangosteen skin into juice, tea and other health drinks, easy way. You can make your own at home with simple equipment without spending a lot of money.

Actually if you do not have a lot of time, you can buy mangosteen skin extract products that are sold in health stores and online stores. As well as similar herbal preparations (eg soursop leaf extract) the content of useful substances in it is the same, most importantly read the rules of use carefully.

What are the health benefits of drinking mangosteen peels?
Strengthen the immune system so that the body is more resistant to attacks of minor illnesses such as flu, cough and fever.
Because the immune system has increased, the wound healing process will run faster than before.
Just like the flesh of mangosteen, the essence of the skin is also useful to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and control blood pressure.
If the blood rate is controlled then the blood vessels get stronger and heart health can be maintained properly.
As for the digestive system, drinking mangosteen skin juice regularly efficacious overcome diarrhea and prevent intestinal inflammation.
For those of you who suffer from heartburn, the benefits of the skin of mangosteen fruit is to heal the pain you suffer if diligent to drink it.
For those of you who are concerned with appearance, the content of anti-oxidants in it plays an important role in fighting free radicals so you still look younger.
For a woman, drinking mangosteen juice during the menstrual cycle is useful to reduce pain before menstruation (PMS).
Prevent the accumulation of fat thanks to the benefits of xanthone substances in the mangosteen fruit that helps lose weight.
Some malignant diseases that can be avoided and cured by drinking herbal medicinal herbs processing drugs are cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV AIDS, gout and asthma (tailored to the composition of each processed).
Ingredients :
Mangosteen skin is still fresh
Sweeteners like sugar Java, palm sugar or honey

Water is cooked to taste
Ice Cubes if necessary
How to make mangosteen skin juice:
Take the fresh fruit skin and then scrape the inside of a white membrane like a thread. To simplify this process, choose fresh fruit skin or buy mangosteen fruit and then use the skin.
Enter into blender with water, process until smooth. Adjust the amount of water with the amount of mangosteen skin to minimize the bitter taste.
Pour into a glass then add honey or java sugar that has been destroyed so that bitterness can be reduced. Stirring for a while.
To be fresher, serve by adding ice cubes on it.