Is Fish Sleeping or Not? Check out the Facts Here!
Perhaps someone has ever wondered or asked whether the fish was asleep or not?

The silly, silly-sounding question is actually quite interesting for us to find out the real facts, because if you observed directly, you may never find the fish asleep like any other animal,
Speaking of sleeping fish, you are considering this fish never fall asleep, then the fact fish still need to sleep and also do it, only with a slightly different practice with humans. Keep in mind if the fish themselves do not have eyelids, except sharks. Therefore you will be a little difficult to distinguish which fish are sleeping, and which fish are awakening, even when you try to touch it, the fish will first awaken and dodge.
In addition to the anatomical differences in the body that does not have eyelids, the fish also has a difference in the way to fall asleep, ie the fish never sleeps in a state of sleep. The fish will fall asleep in a state of semi-consciousness, so that he can remain vigilant against the various possibilities of other fish attacks or other danger threats that could make him hurt or die. At the time of sleep the fish will let his body float him water or also if it is in the sea then the fish there was just hide behind the reef to be more able to hide from the arrival of predators and threats. Some others even behave like dead fish and lie on the bottom of the water. When floating in the water even he can still move his tail to keep looking like a fish that wake up and not sleep. The various shapes and ways of the sleeping fish are also his steps to hide that he is asleep, or as a form of camouflage.

With its habitat filled with predators, making the fish inevitably must be more alert against all forms of attacks other fish. Instead of sleeping and resting to restore their energy they should also be able to share their vigilance. In some species of fish, they also even have a unique defense mechanism, that is, by removing a type of mucus to create defenses from other predators to protect their body from possible Attacks that could come at any time when they are asleep, the mucus that make's like a cocoon can be a unique shield to confront the predators come and eat it.

Therefore it can be concluded if in fact the fish need and perform sleep activities, although with a little sleep mechanism with other animals in general or even humans. Differences in the habitat, the way they survive and the threats present make the set of mechanisms must be done by the fish.