The Struggle of A Child's Life To Fix Your Life and Make It Happy, Fascinating!

For some people this life seems unfair, because in reality there are many people out there whose lives suffer and are wrapped in poverty.
With such a mediocre life circumstances it is not surprising that many people also always blame the fate and the circumstances, or even to revile God.On the circumstances that befall, not a few people or even we feel that our lives suffer most in this world. But in reality there are so many people out there whose lives are more miserable than we feel. Have you ever wondered how people living in remote areas are surrounded by all sorts of troubles? Yes they have never lived as well as we feel right now, their lives are far from the word modernization, even they never get the proper health facilities, even the food they are not worthy.

Yet even though their life is like that they never complain at all, they never feel hopeless or even envy the people around whom their lives are more worthy of them. It is precisely with such a life circumstances that they are motivated and enthusiastic to improve their lives and distribute the people around him, especially parents who have been struggling for them for so long.

The child is from Maneepleuk, Thung Chang, Nan, Tahiland. The child is Po-Chua, he and his family live in poverty. He has several siblings, but his sadness is one by one died because they are sick. And his father lost all his memories and began to keep his distance from others. Looking at his family's circumstances, Po-Chua endeavored to learn as high as possible to change his fate and make his father happy and smile again.

Po-Chua then study hard, every spare time he used to learn. Until he finally intends to continue his education outside the city, because keinginnannya it must also be separated from his father.

To survive, he works and slams his own bones. But he never complained at all, he never despaired because it was in his mind just to spare the people who loved and change the fate in order to live better.

Until finally, he has successfully completed his education up to college. At that very moment he immediately returned to his hometown to meet his father. At that moment he approached his father who grew older. But the happiness he has been able to realize his dream so far.

Well, friends if we have confidence with the accompaniment of spirit and prayer then what we expect we will certainly get even a musthail thing though. Therefore, if we hope to live better, then never condemn ourselves by continuing to reflect and blame fate. Remember things will not come by themselves, nor with happiness.