Healthy eyes are the dream of every human being because the eyes themselves are the creation of God to see the beauty that is so great on the surface of this earth, If we talk with the eyes then we are very frightened by blindness, this blindness factor occurs due to heredity or an accident that makes the eyes blind, because if we still have eyes with so perfectly grateful to be prioritized, many people out there who do not have eyes like That we feel right now,With me Muhammad Alfadhil wants to tell you who wants to keep the eye organs to avoid the things that cause blindness, there are some nutrients that I want to explain here, I hope you read it until it runs out to the next stage because it is very important to keep you and your family, Below there are some nutrients for our consumption to keep the eye organs and this is taken from clinic docter, just go to the next.

  • green vegetable 

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, cassava leaves contain high content of lutien, zeaxanthin which is very good to prevent eye damage, lutien is the most commonly found in the eye, and its function nutrition eyes to work well and according to the needs of the eyes while the zeaxanthin is Compounds to keep the eye for the vision organs to run properly and to prevent vision damage, Researcher consume this type of eating that is lutien and zeaxanthin because in it gore antioxide to keep cell nerve cells eye and also avoid of cataract disease.

  • Fruit is brightly colored
Consuming bright fruits such as wolter, orange apple, dragon, mango, grape, pepper, and so on are foods that contain vitamin A, vitamin A serves to regenerate eyelid pigment, vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness (Niktalopia) Permanent blindness, some eye disorders caused by vitamin A deficiency that causes bitca disease, dryness of the corneas of the eyes due to dryness of the tears (seroftalmia), and corneal damage due to disturbance of the balance of maibon production cells (keratomalasia) all this disorder sounds in blindness.