Each country has its own day off. Behind the determination of the holiday there turned out to be an interesting history to know. For example in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Friday is chosen as a holiday.

The reason, Friday is considered a good day for Muslims to worship. With his holiday activity on Friday, Saudi Arabia's majority Muslim community has plenty of time to perform Friday prayers and other worship in total.

Unlike the Jews in Israel. They set Saturday as a holiday because Saturday is a day of worship for them.

Then, why in Indonesia is a Sunday holiday? Sunday as a holiday is not only true in Indonesia, but also the majority of countries in the world. Its history dates back to Roman times.

In the past, the Ancient Romans based in Italy controlled many countries in Europe. Their territory came to Holland, England, France, Germany, and others. Well since that time, the Ancient Romans already had confidence that Sunday is a good day to worship. So they dismissed all activities on Sunday.

The Romans also have a habit of always marking Sunday and other important days by using red. This influence then spread also to the territories of the Romans. One of them, the Netherlands.

The Dutch then colonized and controlled Indonesia. Since then, Sunday has been designated as a holiday for Indonesian workers. Finally, Sunday's holiday tradition continues to be maintained and valid until now.