Be Grateful Will Make You Happier

When was the last time you prayed and gave thanks for everything you had? Probably not just you, there are so many people who even forget about this, because our lives are often so busy and ignore many things within ourselves.

Most people will always see the lives of others so easily, so much fun, so simple, or even so lucky. not just other people who sometimes look like that, but your friends or even your own brother can also look always "more something" than yourself. You will begin to count everything he has, everything he has and is not in you, or even everything that looks so easy to always go through. then, do you actually have no other job, other than just seeing and judging everything that is owned by others?

You're Not He or They
Nothing is wrong when you see and witness the strengths and fortunes of others, especially if you can be more energized and motivated to be better from now on after witnessing it all. But in fact, things like this often make you compare and count all the shortcomings you have, of course there are many curses that will appear in your heart, such as: I'm not as pretty as him, I'm not as clever as him, I'm not as lucky as he is, and still Many other complaints.
Instead of fixing yourself up on those things, you just stare and imagine if you become him, or become someone "more" than you are right now. You will spend a lot of time doing these unnecessary things, until the hatred and resentment often reaches your heart. not only that, usually this will be coupled with excessive self-disappointment, so you start to blame yourself and consider yourself not good enough and comparable with others. Thought like this is obviously wrong, and must be stopped!

You're the best
Try to respect and honor yourself, because you are more than worthy of such a thing. You can also and are able to pursue life and many other things that you want, so start trying to immediately clean up. Understand one important thing, that you are the best person and have a good personality and can lead you to your success steps later.