1. Beware of oil-oily! The fries are delicious Delicious fries Well, this is the temptation that often makes us not strong for keep. fried food it's delicious really . Plus "innards" rich intestines, tripe etc are amazingly delicious. Food like that is delicious and delicious, but the oil and cholesterol content that you know that makes us horrified if we eat too much. Yeah this is still delicious - delicious too, but once you already know the side effects you will avoid it. So, from now on try less is consumption of food - food "teaser" it. Not allowed but reduced that, do not frequency. Initially weighed, but believe it later can also.

2. Get up from your bed and start moving! Daily exercise, The mattress is thought to have a greater force of gravity than any other place. Sleep on a mattress that can beat everything. We forget to eat, bathe, everything. As a result, we can only stick with the mattress and will not wake up. Well, when we're still healthy let's go against the gravitational force of the mattress and start moving. If we often exercise and perform with a routine can reduce symptoms of cholesterol

3. The third method to reduce cholesterol by consuming lots of vegetables and fruits because in these foods contain lots of chemicals and protein to help our immune system, and by consume vegetable fruits can overcome the occurrence of cholesterol, you should note when its consume do not fried fruits Because if the fried greasy, there are the same we follow the discussion that I have discussed above

4.Do a doctoral check to see the cholesterol levels that are present in us, very young today easy to know cholesterol levels with sophisticated tools, but among the youth is very lazy and rarely to consult a doctor, do not wait for your new sick to the doctor, Do it now while you are still healthy and to maintain body fitness for the future.

5. Drink cholesterol-lowering drugs can also be tried Cholesterol-lowering drugs Cholesterol-lowering drugs If one of these ways can be an additional choice that we can avoid cholesterol at a young age. Drinking cholesterol-lowering drugs is also quite helpful cholesterol reduce. But remember do not overdo it too, as recommended doctors . The core of any excess will not be good results. That is a simple tip and how to reduce the risk cholesterol at a young age. Do not underestimate the health because later we will regret in the end.Good luck